There are all new faces in the cast this year. Previous casts have included Jeanine Noyes, Richard Peters, Ins Choi, Andrea Cross, Dale Yim and Paul King. Kat Misztal-McCubbing and Paul King have served as Stage Managers.
JEANINE NOYES, Musical Director, Composer/Arranger
Nominated for a Dora Award in the category of “Outstanding Musical Direction and Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Lead Role” for her work in A Dixie Gospel (Brookstone Performing Arts), Jeanine also writes and performs her own music in Ontario and Europe. Her two solo releases are transparent and a Christmas CD called He’s Here, which was nominated for a Shai Award. Jeanine is delighted to be working with The Arts Engine again. Her previous projects include 2000 Candles, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and music for Fish Eyes.

What does Christmas mean to you?